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The pop up menu of “VISA resource name” comes nothing except refresh.

I need help!

I connect the Agilent 33220A to my computer through Agilent 82357B USB-GPIB cable. Both Agilent connection expert (Agilent IO control) and NI-MAX can detect the equitment and query the *IDN? successfully. I when I want to use the driver example in lab view 2015 (Agilent 33xxx series), the pop up menu of “VISA resource name” comes nothing except refresh.

lab view front.png

I already reinstall NI-VISA driver even the whole Lab View package, but it not work. Below shows my MAX (GPIB::10::INSTR is 33220A).



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Check whether GPIB Interface drivers are installed while installing Device Drivers?

Pazhanivel Thiruvenkadam,
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Install the drivers from here and then see if it works:

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Right click on the VISA control and check what settings are present under I/O Name Filtering.

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Hi Peter,


what happens when you replace the VISA IO control with a simple string constant containing "GPIB0::10::INSTR" (without the quotation marks)?

Best regards,

using LV2016/2019/2020 on Win8.1/10+cRIO
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It shows this



Now the situation is both MAX or Agilent IO can find 33220A, but in Lab View, it can not find 33220A, I do not know why and what should I do.


Please help!


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Follow Ravens Fan's advice


"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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Thanks for answering me.

I bought the 82357B USB-GPIB cable, and installed the Agilent IO control software, Is it the GPIB interface drivers?

I can query *IDN? successfully and MAX also can find USB-GPIB, is it means the USB-GPIB works well?

The problem is that the labview program can not find it.


Thanks for you remainder.

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I also have the same setting, but it not work.

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@PeterChen wrote:

I also have the same setting, but it not work.

If you are refering to the settings shown in my second capture in my last post.  It won't work! share a snip of your settings

"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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