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The output of XNET LIN Read is empty


I am trying to establish XNET LIN communication and read/write frames. I am performing the write function on Master and read on slave. I am using cRIO and using the same port for read and write.


I can read/write Signal single point but can't read frames. I tried the example 'LIN diagnostic Frame Master', but I am not getting any output from XNET Read.


Could anyone please tell me what possible mistake I might be doing?


Thanks in advance. 🙂

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Hmm it sounds you are trying to read back the frame you sent using the same LIN port?

I don't think this will work directly, but you can enable the property "Echo Transmit" on the output session to loop back the data to an input session on the same port (which also needs to be master, since a LIN port can only be one of both I believe).


By the way, maybe you should post this in the "Automotive Networks" subforum to get better answers 🙂

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