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The enquiery of help at the project of water tank.

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Ok, case structures connected in parallel work properly, thank you, I am really grateful!


Thanks to you, I have already liked this program, so how can I realize such condition: when the level of water reaches 970 liters or more both valves are becoming 0 and then I can make manual (let's say - 5 liters) depletions of water by pushing the button until the level drops 970 liters, then valves works normally.

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I'm sorry, but I don't understand what you are asking for now.  Is this an additional feature you want to add?

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Yes, its something like additional function. When the level of water is above 970 liters, then both valves are being closed. Then, the level of water is fixed, there's no flow in and no flow out. In such situation I would like to install additional, manual valve that let me decrease the amount the water in the tank(let's say: one click - 5 liter decreament), and when the level of water drops under 970 liters, then flow in and flow out valves are being activated again. I imagine, that this valve could be realized by the boolean button, where each click gives me certain decrement of water amount in the tank.

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Sure.  Program it in.  You've got the basics in front of you.  For another button, (set the mechanical action to Latch when Released), have that work on teh shift register wire that subtracts 5 from it when true, and does nothing to it when false.


For the Outflow valve, instead of it being 0 when less than 40, you ant it to be 0 when it is >970.  So, less than 40 OR greather than 970.  That is a clue that will help you when you browse that boolean palette.

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I think that I am close to understand what you meant, but I would like to ask for more detailed tips. 

I cant connect the boolean button, constant and the input of substract in cascade, so how realize my condition?

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Show what you have now.  It should be pretty similar to the other two instances of comparisons and case structures you have now.

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That's my idea. Instead of constant I used increment, and I do not know why it doest not work.

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Why would you think you could connect a boolean to a function that increments?  I never said to do that.  I never said use the increment function.


Have you taken those LabVIEW tutorials yet?
LabVIEW Introduction Course - Three Hours
LabVIEW Introduction Course - Six Hours


If you understood the modifications to your VI made prior to this, then you should easily be able to know who to do the next step.  But it seems like you do not understand any basic programming logic, let alone LabVIEW.  It might be time for you to get some tutoring directly from your teacher.

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Ok, my idea is wrong, as a new user of LV I'm just seeking new solutions that LV offers. I'am quite familiar with 3-hour course. Maybe you're right, that it's time to take some advices from my teacher.  I know, that I am wasting your precious time, but if you would so kind, and give me some more tips, I will be very grateful.

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I presume, that your patience is running out, but I've got another question. I was trying to follow your advices, but without success. Maybe my english is not goot enough to understand your tips or maybe I simply do not understant the program logic.


Anyway, in attachement below is another sample of my tank. Now I was trying to use the cluster, but I'm not sure if it is applicable here. My basic problem is to compound the numeric(the value of decrement) and logic(click that run the decrement) magnitudes together.


Please, understand me, I'm out of english-speaking country, so sometimes I've got problems with understanding certain tips.


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