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The difference between MB serial Master query palette and Modbus Library

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Hi ,

Can you help me please to write a paragraph about the difference between the MB serial Master Query and the modbus Library ? I want to collect a various informations .

Thank you. 

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  • J'ai réalisé deux programmes pour lire les registres d'un contrôleur de température, dans le premier programme j'ai utilisé la bibliothèque modbus (fig01)et dans le second j'ai utilisé MB master Query (fig02), et ils ont tous les deux fonctionné, je veux juste écrire à ce sujet j'ai besoin de votre aide pour m'en obtenir plus informations sur ces deux bibliothèques et quelle est exactement la différence entre elles.

IMG_20201015_014025.jpg Figure(01)


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Accepted by topic author Imy7

The library with the white icons is the older library.  The one with the purple icons is the newer one.


The purple one under Data Communication palette, the white one shows up in User Libraries palette.


The purple on is based on classes.  The white one based on pure subVI's.


The white one, you can drill down through all the subVI's and see all the code.  The purple one, you drill down so far and you'll get to VI's that are locked and password protected by NI.


I've been using the white ones since before the purple library came out and am comfortable with it.  But I don't use the MB Init subVI as I find its settings are wrong, and just configure the serial port using the normal Serial Visa Configure.


Note there is also a library with yellow title bars.  I think it installs with the DSC module.  It uses the purple library underneath it.




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Thank you so much ! Your answer was so helpful.

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There is also this community package, which I use:


It's free and not password protected.

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