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The devices in your task cannot be synchronized.

I have a cDAQ-9185 and am learning Labview after investing my time in NXG - 😞. I am trying to collect both digital and analog data. I have done this in the past but had to take about a week away working on another project. Now when I return I seem to be getting the error:


The devices in your task cannot be synchronized. This may be because there are no available synchronization mechanisms between the devices.
Some synchronization paths are not available in interactive tools like the DAQ Assistant. To determine whether synchronization between these devices is possible, try deploying and executing your task in your application environment.


The blocks that are failing are circled in red:




I am confused. I only have one device. I believe that this was working when I left off a week ago. What could be wrong?

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What kind of devices you are using?

What version of firmware is being used?


Share the error bar screen.

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I'm not a cDAQ expert, but the cDAQ-9185, but according to its User Manual, this is a chassis capable of supporting up to 4 C-Series modules that handle Analog and Digital Input and Output, connecting to various sensors.  In particular, when you have your cDAQ connected to your PC, you should be able to open MAX and get MAX to show you the Chassis and all of the Modules that are connected to it.


It would help us a great deal (to help you) if you would attach a screen-shot of MAX, showing the cDAQ-9185 and expanded to show all of its attached Modules.  With this knowledge, we might be able to explain how to synchronize your various devices (which is the whole point of DAQmx, after all ...).


Bob Schor 

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