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The device is not responding to the selected base address

my DAQ card is PC-LPM-16, a few days ago, i configed it properly. and i didn't use it for a few days, but didn't plug out from my computer. today i want to use it, but the MAX test showed that "The device is not responding to the selected base address." i setup my hardware and software again, but still can't resole it, what can i do now?
thank you very much.
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"The error could be happening for a variety of reasons. The first thing I would do is to visit and follow the installation procedure, which includes troubleshooting steps on the error you are receiving.

If that doesn't work then try to install the board in another computer with no other devices installed. This will test to make sure the board is not bad. If all else fails call National Instruments and have someone troubleshoot the board and return and repair it if necessary."
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When I get that message, I find that I have to reboot the computer. For some reason my computer occassionally quits recognizing the DAQ board. After rebooting, MAX and LabVIEW recognize it again because the computer once again recognizes it.
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I'm having this exact same problem!

Everything is fine for some amount of testing (anywhere from minutes to days), then the board stops working!

I'm disappointed to see that NI failed to resolve this at all. I should never use their PC-based hardware again!
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