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Test Panel not working in MAX

Using LV 2009 on WIN 7 .


When MAX is fired up it identifies the PCI 6221 quite fine and the board passes self test and Reset.


But the Test Panel alone does not show. Tried MAX versions 4.x as well as 5.x with same result...


The card works in my application with no issues.


So why is the Test Panel palying hide and seek ?



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What DAQmx driver do you have installed?


As noted here: LabVIEW 2009 is compatibile up through DAQmx 9.7, which can be downloaded here:

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Ihave the same issue here. Ni MAX doesn't show the test panel, but the hardware is working fine and reset and self-test are also ok!


I'm using a NI 6323 card with following versions:

NI-DAQ 14.0.0f0
LabVIEW Run-Time 2012 SP1 f9

Ni MAX 14.0.1f1

Windows 7 32bit


According to the link provided, these two should be compatible, shouldn't they?


I would be grateful for any help given.




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Note that there are actually three pieces of DAQmx software that can be installed: 


NI-DAQmx ADE Support

NI-DAQmx Device Drivers

NI-DAQmx MAX Configuration


If you install NI-DAQmx Runtime xx.xx, this is the smallest footprint, and you cannot configure, name, or test devices, only view them and use them in custom-built applications.  This is only really the NI-DAQmx Device Drivers.

If you install NI-DAQmx Runtime xx.xx with Configuration Support, you get the bare run-time package but you also get the MAX Configuration, so that you can access things like "Test Panels" in MAX.

The full NI-DAQmx xx.xx package should install all three pieces.


Note that you should always install the ADE (e.g. LabVIEW, CVI, etc.) first, then MAX if it did not come with the ADE (it comes with LabVIEW), and then finally the DAQmx package.


That said, if you installed NI-DAQmx Runtime xx.xx then you will not be able to find a Test Panel option, because the MAX Configuration software is not there.  Try verifying that all three of the pieces of DAQmx software are listed under the Software tab in MAX.

Highest Regards,

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