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Test Executive license issue

Hi All,

I am getting Test Executive license error though I have permanent LabVIEW license.

We tried to scan the license key using the NI license manager.

The final result of the license check process is showing that the TEst Executive is licensed, but during loading the vi , "TEST EXECUTIVE IS NOT LICENSED" error is occurring and the execution is getting terminated.

Please support.


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Are you referring to this product?

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Hi Chandrakant,


This could be caused by a couple of different reasons.


You could try first of all try a cold reboot.


Should this not work it could be an issue with multiple licenses. The license manager takes the first relevant license it finds. Not the highest tier.

You could check if there is no expired trail license sitting somewhere in the background.


Should this not work you could try to remove all licenses connected to the test executive and then add them again.


If this does not work you can have a look at reinstalling the test executive. (make sure to remove the license before uninstalling, had some bugs with this in the past)


If all these steps won't work I would recommend contacting NI. Their tech support will always help with licensing issue regardless of active SSP or not. (a.k.a. free licensing support)


Hope it helps!


Kind regards,

Natan Biesmans, CLA

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