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Temperature Control hold case structure value

Hi All,

I am new to Labview and have been given the following assignment


Create a temperature control system. Temp reaches a high set point (30c) and heater switches off. Temp reaches a low set point (20c) and heater turns on



My problem is getting the case structure to reach the high set point and turn to false (heater off) and stay in false until reaching the low set point


The attached picture is where I am at now. If the temp is below the high set point it will add 0.5 to the temp reading every cycle. once it reaches the set point it will turn to false and subtract 0.5 before turning back to true, thus not allowing it to return to low set point before becoming true again


Hope this makes sense

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Pictures are not suitable for us to troubleshoot (we cannot run it, we cannot see the content of other cases, parts of the code are outside the visible area, etc.).


In general, it is much easier to design a simple state machine instead of having case structures inside case structures inside case structures. So search here for that term to get some ideas.


On a side note, maybe this recent post can give you some ideas. 😄


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