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Tekronix Signal Express trying to create a VI

from a student, NI question Austin Vansickle [] You replied on 07/10/2011 9:08 AM. Sent: October 5, 2011 4:18 PM To: Croll, Andrew I am using Tekronix Signal Express trying to create a VI for my measurement process. I am missing VI's from the EWBStyle.llb library. The missing VI's are: Thanks Austin anyone know what this means? we do not have all packages for labview, could these vi's be located to a certain package that we are missing? thanks
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Hi Abcroll,


What version of Signal Express Tekronix edition are you using? What version of LabVIEW are you using? Are you trying to convert your Signal Express project to LabVIEw code? Please explain.




Perry S.

Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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hi, ame error, im using abview 2010 and signal express 2010 with tektronix edition the error happen when im going to Generate Code for Labview Program, any idea  to solve that ?

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hi Perry S i now u r online so please check my issue !

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Hello Fernando,


Could you please describe the error you are getting?  Screenshots would be helpful.  Also, have you attempted to locate the missing files manually on your computer and verified the names of the files that the export tool is attempting to access are correct?  I would recommend searching for the files that cannot be located on your computer and verifying that they aren't in a different location. 

Tom L.
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I am having the same issue. I try to generate a Labview Diagram using SignalExpress (Tektronix) and I get a bunch of errors for files that cannot be found in a library that I cannot find. The library is "EWBStyle.llb".


What is this library and where can I find it?

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Hello dd12345,


The EWBStyle.llb default file location have been moved in later versions of LabVIEW Signal Express Tektronix Edition.


By default they can be found here <LabVIEW>\vi.lib\express\SignalExpress\Support . By navigating LabVIEW to find the correct file location, you should be able to proceed with converting LabVIEW Signal Express Tektronix Edition projects into LabVIEW.

In some other cases, the files have been slightly renamed as: 

LabVIEW\vi.lib\express\Signal Express\Support\EWBStyle.llb\


Please notice that the g in mxcg is omitted.

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Thanks. That seemed to solve my problems.

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Thanks a million indeeeeeeed

it worked 

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