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Talk about Shared clone reentrant execution

when the top VI set Shared clone reentrant execution,  does its subVIs need set  Shared clone reentrant execution?  does its subVIs auto follow the top VI ?

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No, subVI retain their own reentrancy config.


For example, VI-A calls VI-B, if VI-A is reentrant and VI-B is non reentrant, when multiple parallel instances of VI-A try to use the same instance of VI-B, one of the instances of VI-A use the VI-B and once it is released, only then the other instance of VI-A will get to use VI-B.

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There is an old blog series (2012), but it is good information on this subject.  Start here: 

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I guess you can experiment for yourself.  Make a shared clone reentrant subVI, pop a non-reentrant subVI with a wait for five seconds, then place several copies in a top level VI.  Then make the subVI shared clone reentrant.  You should be able to interpret the results yourself...


PS I did this myself by accident and was annoyed with the results...


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