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Taking data from 2 boards at different speeds

I am working on a project that requires the monitoring of temperature and pressure in an internal combustion engine. For some reason, the lab is running labVIEW 6, even though we have a free site license for 8.5. We are using a PCI 6070E and a PCI 4351 connected to TC-2190 and BNC-2010 terminal blocks. I need to collect data from these two at the same time, when I do this the data from the BNC overruns its buffer, and the TC has erratic read rates. They need to read at different rates. I am pretty new to labVIEW and my code is a mess, so I won't post it as it is nowhere near working. I was wondering if you guys had any ideas to help me get started on this. They each work individually when I tested them in seperate VIs.
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Hello Tzj,


Since the 4351 doesn't allow importing/exporting sample clocks or start triggers these will only be synchronized in software.  That being said, if you already have an example that runs the way you like on each individually it should be pretty easy to combine the two.  Can you run both of the other VIs at the same time?  If you can do this then I would just copy the entire block diagram from one example and paste it into the other.  Then, if you want to start them as close to synchronously as possible you can wire the error wire from the 435X Acquisition Start/Stop VI into the start VI for the PCI 6070E.  This will use data flow programming to ensure the devices start together within software error.


I hope this helps, and have a great weekend!

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