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Take an image with overlay lines and zoom into image keeping the overlay lines in place?

Hi all, 


I have an image with overlay lines on it. I have used the resample VI to zoom into the area i want to inspect but then overlays are removed. I have tried a number of ideas to get around this with no luck. Is this even possible? 




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I'm going to guess you are using IMAQ because you didn't state it.  I am also going to guess your lines are ROI's but you also didn't say that.


If that is the case there is a function that will take ROI's and make them part of the image.  It is on the palette but I don't have IMAQ installed at the moment so I can't remember the exact function name.  Then instead of having lines on the image it will be part of the image, and cannot be removed.  Like merging layers of an image.  Then zooming should zoom in on the image with the lines.  If you want the original back, you could keep a copy of the original in memory in a shift register.

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Thank you Hoovah. 


IMAQ draw is the VI I was after. It is in the pixel manipulation group. I think it is only 8 bit though. So limited to colour. Maybe I can convert it to colour... 




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Hi Jeddis,


If the overlay is an IMAQ overlay and you want this merged into the actual image, the "IMAQ Merge Overlay" VI is the best for this, it will preserve the appearance of the original overlay including its colour.

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That is thef function i was trying think of.
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