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Table not showing data

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@Dhouston wrote:

 I don't understand the mechanics behind Reshape Array. 

Reshape array is a very powerful function to do three things (reinterpret, pad, trim)  and the only thing you really need to remember is that the array data is kept in the same memory order.


It does these main things:

  1. reinterpret the flat array data in memory as array date with fewer/same/more dimensions
  2. pad or trim the data according to the new dimensions. (e.g. great to truncate an array or make it larger by appending default data. All you need to know is the final desired size).

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Thank you both, Ravensfan and altenbach.  We will have to learn the use of Reshape Array, as that can really make our use of tables much less convoluted.  Our previous attempt at using a table worked, but it was a rats nest of code trying to get the data to display the way we wanted.  It was 10x worse than what I presented here.

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