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Tab order within tab control

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Hi all,


I have found in the help and other posts that you set the tabbing order withing a tab control by right clicking the page and selected redorder controls in page.


I am using Labview 8.0 and for the life of me I cannot get this to work. I have clicked everywhere: places within the tab control, on the tab's page, on the label, on the caption, on the label, etc. and I cannot get this menu to appear.


Anybody know the problem?



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Hi abeaver,


I have been able to find Reorder Controls in Page in LabVIEW 8 on a specific tab page by right-clicking on it's edge. You need to have more than one control on the page for the menu option to show up (ie. it is not there if there is one or no controls on the specific page you are trying to rearrange):

reorder controls.png

As far as the tabbing order during runtime when you have a tab control, you will need to use the arrow keys to navigate between specific tabs of the tab control when it is selected (you cannot use the tab key). This is explained with more information here:


Hope it helps!

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Yes! The way the help document is worded it makes it seem that you right click on the tab control while you are in the Edit > Set Tabbing Order menu. But you actually right click during normal VI editing.




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