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Tab control resizes unexpectedly

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I'm facing an unexpected issue that  I cannot solve.

In my project I have a tab control that fits the whole screen (it runs maximized). It contains two tabs.

Here is a screenshot of the top left corner:


As you can see, the tab control fits nicely close to the edge of the screen.

At some point in the code, I resize the scale, max and min of a silver Gauge using the following:


Here is a screenshot of the gauge:


When it is resized, the width/height of the tab control changes for an unknown reason. See below the same top left corner:


As you can see it moved left, the word "Bluetooth" is gone!

Nothing else seems to have changed in the GUI.

I used the "Bounds" property node of the tab control and realized there was a change in width. There is also in change in the position of the tab control. However, bounds is read only and I cannot programmatically resize the tab control.

My questions would be:

1- why is the silver gauge modifying the whole frame?

2- More importantly: how can I prevent the gauge from changing the size of the tab control? Is there a way to lock all the dimensional properties of the tab control?




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What I would find to be most unexpected is the Tab control behaving itself.  I would try turning off Auto Grow (right-click > Advanced) and see if that helps, or try using the System Tab instead and hoping for the best.

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Yep that worked! Thanks!

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