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Tab Key tool selection

Hi All,


    I am left handed, and , being an old dog, have never got on with the automatic tool selection in LabVIEW. I drive LabVIEW with my left hand on the mouse and my right hand on the cursor keys for fine adjustments, and the tab key is too far away on the other side of the keyboard to be any use for selecting the current tool.  Can I customise LabVIEW to use a key on the right hand side of my keyboard for this purpose?


  I have looked through the custom key setup but couldn't see an option for doing this.





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I think Shift and Right click brings up the tools tray, if that helps.


I'm not familiar with the tab selection (I use the autotool) but I do use the tray for switching to e.g. probes sometimes.


Having a shift on the right side of the keyboard might at least be an improvement vs tab.

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How about remapping the keys? sharpkeys



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Check out this resource with a list of LabVIEW shortcuts:

LabVIEW 2017
LabVIEW Programming
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That is certainly a help I have been trying it out today in the office.

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Not that I necessarily recommend this but...


I often have two keyboards on my desk and DO switch between them for some tasks. (it also is useful when "Buddy Coding") I could imagine that having your mouse to the left of two keyboards would allow you to reach the right keyboard tab key with your right hand easily while mousing with your left hand. (essentially putting every keyboard shortcut designed for the left hand under your right hand 🙂


Yes, I also have two mice and have been known to reprogram "gestures" on a touchscreen to duplicate custom shortcuts.

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