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TTL triggering tdms AI Data Acquisition



Currently as a part of my research work, I am trying to acquire data in a .tdms file from an analogue channel triggered synchronously by each rising edge of a TTL signal input by a signal generator to PFI0. So to be clear, I won't be having any reference of time. Data will be sampled each time a rising edge of the TTL signal is input. Therefore the sampling frequency would ultimately be determined by the frequency of the TTL signal I input by the signal generator.


Initially I was trying to begin from some examples available, however no luck so far. I hope you guys can help.


Thanks in Advance,


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Hi BCar,


Here is a link to a tutorial on how to set up triggering with DAQmx:


Figure 11 will probably be most helpful, because you'll need to use a while loop for collecting many samples.


Hope this helps!



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