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TPC 2512 and windows XP

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I am working in a new project for acquired data from mitutoyo digimatic, now I have the Vi but my principal concern is because I need to install the .exe in the TPC 2512 and my software is developed in labview 2018. and the TPC has windows XP. my question is, is possible to install a new version of windows in this touch panel? if is yes, what can I do? 

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You almost certainly can't put a new version on there.  This is its specs page:


It only has 4 GB of built in storage and 512 MB RAM.  Even if you could manage to get an installer on there for a newer OS, it wouldn't fit.


I've never used one so I don't know about compatibility.  If I was to guess I would say your only hope would be to install an old version of LabVIEW that is compatible with the device, move your program to, and then hope it works.

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