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TKTDS 380: How do I save waveforms from 2 channels

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Hi Labview experts,


I have a TkTDS 380 oscilloscope. I was just wondering how do i save waveforms from 2 channels ie: channel 1 and 2 into labview. I already have the necessary drivers. Attached is the VI i was working on.


Anyway, i'm using labview version 8.2. 


Please help. Have been stuck.





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What are you stuck on? You are converting the data from the scope to a waveform data type correctly and you have wired each channel to a Write To Measurement File correctly.
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Hi Dennis,


When i click run, only waveform 1 from channel 1 is captured frm labview but not waveform 2 from channel 2. i'm not sure why.

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It doesn't appear that you are doing any configuration of the scope at all. I don't have the driver so I can't tell if the initialize is resetting the scope. Even if it's not, you need to add the functions to set vertical, horizontal, triggering, channels. When you are done, you will then probably want to read channel 1 and then do a fetch of channel 2.
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Hi Dennis,


First of all a happy new year to you.


Regarding the Vi i posted, it seems to reset the scope each time a measurement is taken. I assume this is the root of the problem. So, how do i prevent the scope from resetting each time a measeurment is taken.


Anyway, is it compulsory to set the vertical, horizontal, triggering, channels before measurement is taken. I don't seem to face any problems taking measurement from 1 channel actually.


Please advice.


Attached is the driver for the oscilloscope i'm using.


Thanks in advance



Labview 8.2


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Accepted by topic author Wan81

Of course you are resetting the scope each time. The 'reset' input of the initialize function is unwired and the default is 'True'.


It is only compulsory to setup the scope if you want to have some known configuration before taking a measurement or if you want to do it manually each time.Smiley Wink
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OOps!!! I didn't notice. I'll try it Dennis.


Thanks a lot.



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