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THorlabs PM100D Powermeter error of Hex 0xBFFF000F

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Hi, I am using LabVIEW (LabVIEW 2020, 32-bit) to control the THorlabs PM100D Powermeter. Sometimes it works. But most of the time, it shows an error of Hex 0xBFFF000F. I restart the VI and the PM100D. But the error is still here. Can anyone help me? Attached the VI and the picture of the error.

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An error like that usually means that something else is trying to control the device and hasn't let go of it properly.


Any chance you are using external software besides LabVIEW to control this device?


I would also bet that the device would work after a complete reboot of your PC.

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Yes. You are right. I agree with you. But the problem is that I don't know what is controlling the PM100D. Do you have suggestions what I can do?

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Accepted by topic author Heyongchn1989

If you're not starting up other software yourself, then the things to check would be:


* Processes started by other users

* Software that runs on startup

* Windows system processes


Look for anything related to Thorlabs or IVI.

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Are you using it with any other software like Matlab? or similar?

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Thank you very much! The problem was solved. I uninstall all the related software and only install the PM100D driver. It works well now.

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Hello, I recently used LABVIEW to control PM100. Could you tell me where your THorlabs PM100D Powermeter LABVIEW  driver was downloaded? thanks!

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