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TEDS Configuration for Load Cell with NI9237



I am trying to configure a TEDS file for a load cell connected to a NI 9237 module.  The load cell is a six wire load cell enable with TEDS (1010ACK-250-B  The load cell has the following pins:










The load cell manufacturer indicated that the sense cables are used to communicate the TEDS to the controller.

The DAQ assistant is able to read an output from the load cell, but I am unable to configure the TEDS file on the load cell in NI Max.  The cables of the load cell are connected via the NI 9949 screw terminals, which is then connected to the NI 9237.  The NI 9949 contains both sense and teds (+) and (-) terminals.  I have tried hooking up the sense cables of the load cell to just the sense terminals of the NI 9949, as well as the TEDS terminals of the NI 9949, and neither of them worked.  Is there a way to set up the TEDS file using the sense cables from the load cell? I realize that there may be a compatibility issue, but I wanted to make sure that I am taking the right approach.


Thank you,





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Hi Russell,


Do you have an external power supply connected to those Excitation Pins?





National Instruments

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I'm interested to hear if you have  had any success with this as I'm facing similar issues. 

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It turned out that the load cell manufacturer quoted me for the wrong connector cable that was not TEDS compatible.  Once they sent me the correct cable, I was about to get the functionality working.


Thank you,



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