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TDMS file viewer cancel error

I'm tidying up my code and implementing error checking. The final error I haven't managed to resolve is code 43 which (I think) occurrs when a user cancels a file read or write at the TDMS file viewer dialogue box. I have tried to supress 43, but the error occurrs within the TDMS file viewer vi. Any ideas?


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Hi Graham,


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Thanks for your post. 


Have you seen the following KB...


Why do I get Error 43 when using the Open/Create/Replace


This happens with the file viewer when the file input isn't wired. In your code if you have the file path then you can just wire this in and the user popup wont happen. The Viewer is using the lower level VIs to open the file the user has selected. (The file open VI generates error 43 when cancel with the popup.


The solution would be to test for error code 43, and then remove like below, 




I hope this helps,


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