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TDMS-File: How to set channel description?

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I am using the "DAQmx Configure" to capture the raw data of may measurements. That works fine.




At the end, after fiishing acquisition, I want to save the TDMS-File. For this, I want to add some properties to the TDMS-File. Using "TDMS Set" works, but ot for all properties. I am able to add name, description, title, author and date/time (the yellow cells in the screenshot). How ca I add the channel description (see green cells in the screenshot).




My actual simple code to change the TDMS properties:



Thanks for your help.


Best regard,


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Hello Michael,


Check for the TDMS Set Property Function in the Help, or the example in labview/examples/File IO/TDMS/Standard Read and Write/TDMS Write Time


The only thing you need to correct in your code is the property name.


In the help for the TDMS Set Property function you can find all property names as they should be referred when using TDMS.

Guilherme Correa
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If you want to write a property for the channel, you need to supply a Group and Channel so the function knows which channel the property goes with.  If a group is supplied but no channels, it assumes the properties for the group.  If neither are supplied, it assumes for the file.


Oh, and you should go give this idea a Kudos: Additional TDMS Metadata

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