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TCP Read node returns no data

I am using the TCP nodes in LabView 8.6 to communicate with a laser box.  The "write" node functions properly, and successfully sends commands to the laser box, but when I use the "read" node to receive information from the box, it returns no data.  I am using the node in standard mode, with the number of bytes to read set at 512, and the timeout at 1000 ms.  According to the help file, the node should report a timeout error if it receives less than 512 bytes, but it reports no error at all, even though it does not return any data.  I know the box is sending data, because I can read information sent from the box in a telnet session through the Windows command prompt.  What is going wrong?

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Hi Bobby1229,

it sounds like it should work. Can you upload your vi?



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Hi Bobby,  Are you handling the errors with a dialog, it might be erroring but not reporting it.  It sounds to me like this is a VISA issue.  Verify that all port settings/aliases for the ethernet resource being used is correct.  Also try and use one of the shipping examples for VISA ethernet to test connectivity to the port.
Chris Bakker
SET Americas

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