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TCP/IP over Internet

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I have a big step forward. 


Finally I configured at the inverse, that is, my home computer as server, and office computer as client. That works !!!!


At the inverse, it seems that my office computer or my office router reject the conection. Tomorrow, I will change both computers to check what is going on. 


As far as I know, I have to check router, firewall, and anti-virus. Anything else ??


Server is and home is Ports used are 8899. Are them opened? 


Right now the computers are off, they will be online in 12 hours time. Thanks a lot !!


By the way. Can I create multiple point to point TCP connections in the same server computer using the same IP, but different ports for each client connection which is connecting to the server? I think its far easier than Server- multi-client using the same port. This way, I expend a lot ports, but I have 65.000, too much for me. 


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Look at the example for multiple client handlers over TCP/IP.  It is designed that each connection can be initiated on one port and then handed off to a random high number port.  Since the connection is alreay established it goes through the SPI firewall.  Thus you can handle any number of clients (until you run out of thousands of ports).


It is called "Multiple Connections -"

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