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Systemlink Server on a cRIO Plattform

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I would like to build a Dashboard via Web VI using NXG for my cRIO. For the communication between the Labview programm and the Dashboard I think Systemlink is the weapon of choice.

My problem is, that this runs in a closed network, so for my understanding I need a NI Webserver. Is it possible to run this on the cRIO so that I have a standalone Machine with a nice HTML5 Dashboard?

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Hello nikolaus33,


SystemLink is, indeed, a powerful tool for managing and monitoring distributed systems. I am unsure it is the best option for one single device though (as you've read, it requires the SystemLink server to be installed in a supported environment).


Perhaps the LabVIEW NXG Web Module can be a better option to have a professional looking panel for your system. I believe it would use something similar to: Hosting a LabVIEW Web Service and an NXG Web VI in a Remote System. I've actually never tried it, since when I controlled a cRIO from a website, I used SystemLink Cloud, which I can see is also not an option for your setup.


All the best,

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Hi Nikolaus,


I agree with Oscar here, LabVIEW NXG Web Module can be truly the answer to your questions. If you are using numbered version of LabVIEW (201x), you could use Web Services in LabVIEW and then develop HTML Website to run on your server (so basically your Dashboard).


Hope this helps.

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Thanks for your input,

actually that's, what I'd like to do. My problem is the communication between the Labview 201x programm and the WebModule  HTML Page (Dashboard). As Systemlink doesnt work in my case, the only way I guess is to use HTTP GET, POST and Websocket to bring the data from the programm tho the Dashboard and vice versa.

Or is there any other possibility?

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Accepted by topic author nikolaus33

Using a LabVIEW Web Service and HTTP methods, as Patrik recommends, should help you accomplish this. You can find an example here: Call LabVIEW Web Service.



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Perfect, thank you!

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