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SystemLink Cloud with Labview Myrio

Hello I would like to ask a question regarding systemlink and labview. I am currently using labview myrio 2019. I found that Labview is able to send data to Systemlink Cloud by using tags. I am currently doing a project that requires to use Myrio 1900. I managed to create a tag from labview and I am able to send the tag to Systemlink Cloud ( By using open configuration API VI and Open tag VI) but I am not receiving any data in System link Cloud.



I have the screenshot of my code as shown above. I have no idea where to link the " Read tag VI" to the current sensors as it will have " You have connected to multiple sources" error. 



I tried creating another indicator and connect it to the data part of " Read Tag VI" but I am not getting any value change in systemlink Cloud. Please help me :(. 

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If you're sending data from LabVIEW to SystemLink Cloud, I assume you need "Write Tag VI", not to read.


Additionally, I recommend you take advantage of the error terminal that all those VIs have. They use HTTP methods to connect to SystemLink. You want to monitor their error to see why the tag is not being updated. Some common problems I've seen:



  1. The myRIO is not connected to the network. For example, if you have the myRIO connected by USB, then it can access the computer, but does not have access to the world wide web. Therefore, it cannot connect to to the SystemLink Cloud server.
  2. The API key or URL have a typo and is preventing the system to authenticate properly.
  3. The API Key does not have permissions set in SystemLink Cloud to write tags.


All the best,

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Hello sorry for the very late reply. Thanks for answering my question! Thanks for suggesting to me to use the error terminal and I will definitely include that in my coding! Have a great day oscarfonseca. 🙂 

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