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System Exec Vi. // using Labview to control other programs

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Hello Everyone, 


Right now I am simply trying to call a program (QLaue) that is on my desktop from labview using system exec but when I hot run nothing happens. I have attached a screenshot of what I have does anyone know what is wrong? 


Furthermore, the program that I'm doing right now is just the beginning of a greater project where I hope to be able to use Labview to tell a program(like QLaue for example) to execute a certain process within the program. Kind of like Labview would "press the button" in the 3rd party program that runs some process within that program. Sorry if that is super confusing but if anyone has any insight on how to approach doing this that would be great as well!

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The Start Menu\Programs folder usually contains links to programs and therefore does not contain .exe files.

Unless you copied the program there (but this would not be a good idea), you should address cmd to run the program where it is actually located, i.e. - typically - in a C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files(x86) subfolder.

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Thank you! That totally fixed the problem 🙂

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