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Synchronizing readings from serial and pxie outputs.

Hi all,

I've got a test system that is a sensor that is connected to an xyz router. The main features are 

  • A serial port connected to a motion controller that outputs the encoder readings whenever a command is sent to the port. 
  • A pxie 5162 digitizer that outputs sensor readings.

I would need to accurately associate the encoder readings to the sensor readings to generate an x-y map of the sensor readings. Any suggestions on how to do this?

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Hello Ribena,


My name is Ashley, I am an Applications Engineer at National Instruments.


If you still require some support with this questions can I please ask for some more information?

Can you clarify what data is coming from the encoder, is it positional data?

What sensor do you have any what data is this passing out?


If I understand what you are trying to do correctly, you are trying to build a map of what the sensor output looks like at different positions, is this correct? If not please clarify this for me.

Or are you just trying to associate the encoder and sensor values that were taken at the same time?


Kind Regards,

Ashley Nunn

Ashley Nunn | MEng (Hons) | CLAD | CTD
Application Engineer, National Instruments
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Hi Ashley,


The encoder data is from a rotary encoder on a stepper motor.

The sensor is an ultrasonic sensor for immersion scanning purposes. It returns voltage pulses which is fed into the PXI-5162 unit to be digitised.


Your understanding of the problem is correct. I am essentially trying to generate ultrasonic C-scan images.


Currently, I am directly connecting the encoder readouts to an X-series card via an SCB68 unit so I have both the encoder readings and the sensor readings in LabVIEW but both needs to be synchronised to ensure that they match.



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