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Synchronize Reference Clock error




I am using 2 synchronized PCI (thet are of different models) with a RTSI cable and I am acquiring signals from both. In signal Express they work fine (and also the automatically generated code does) but in the examples such as "Analog Input" they do not.

Particularly, the error I get is the -200452, regarding the RefClk.Src of DAQmx Timing but whatever I use as Reference Source Clock nothing changes.
I am completely new to Labview: can you explain how to solve it and why I get this?

Thanks in advance

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if you use two PCI, you must confiigure the Syncronization Type to "M Series (PCI)". Than you must set the RefClk.Src as OnboardClock. in this way it work fine.

You can read several examples and the documentation in the following links:


M Series Synchronization with LabVIEW and NI-DAQmx


Synchronous Analog Input Using RTSI on M Series with Counter Input Task



Synchronize Continuous Acquisition of Multiple Analog Input Devices


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