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Synchronize DAQs PXI 4462 & 4472

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The system setup is:

1. PXI-1033 chassis

2. Slot 2 - PXI-4462(DAS)

    Slot 3 - PXI-5412 (AWG)

    Slot 4 - PXI-4472 (DAS)

We are measuring 5Hz - 25kHz. We are particularly interested in the phase difference between the 4462 & 4472 measurements.


I need to synchronize the 4462 & 4472 measurements. Is this possible with this setup? My understanding is that the PXI Chassis 10MHz clock must be connected to 4462 & 4472 and the Star Trigger is also required. I think I read that both DAS must be both in slave mode for this to work. How could I accomplish this? Is there a labview DAQmx example available? 

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Accepted by davidhi

Looking at your post, are you only syncing the 4462 and 4472, or are you trying to sync all 3 cards?


When syncing DSA devices, you will run into phase differences due to the delay induced by filters in the card. You will have account for this manually in your code, and you can see how to do this in this KB.


The following article can also be helpful to read to understand the basics when trying to synchronize DSA devices.


Take a look at those resources and hopefully that will get you on your way. If you have additional difficulties, I would recommend opening a Service Request with NI support who can provide a higher level of help.

Casey G.
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I am only synching the 4462 and 4472. Again I want to compare the two signals and measure any phase difference. I have opened a service request. thanks.

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