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Synchronize AI and DI across mulitple devices on PXI with DAQmx

I have a PXI chassis with multiple M-series and PXI-6528 digital I/O cards.  I am able to synch the Analog inputs across multiple M cards using DAQmx, but I am not able to get it to work when I add digital inputs (either from one of the M-series cards or the 6528).  I get some error when I try to route the ai/sample clock from one of my M-series cards to a daqmx trigger on the digital card - even for digital inputs on another M-series card.  I am using the DAQmx/synchronization/mulitple device examples in Labview 8.2 and have also looked around here a little bit but cant find an example of how to do this.  This DAQmx stuff is kind of new to me and I dont have much experience with it, could someone please modify one of the examples mentioned above or just walk me through this - it doesnt seem like it should be a difficult process to synch this inputs.  I'm just a little frustrated with it.
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Sorry, I didnt have enough coffee yet.
I am trying to route the ai/sample clock of one of the M-series cards to a DAQmx Timing vi on the digital input process and a ai/StartTrigger to a DAQmx Tigger vi in the digital input process.  Does this make more sense?  Still not enough coffee Smiley Very Happy
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Wow, isnt it something how a fresh start and a new day can make everything so clear?

I sat down this morning, halfway through my first cup of coffee, and sloved this issue. 



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Glad you figured it out, coffee is great! 🙂  Please post again if you have any more problems.

Have a nice weekend.

Best Regards,
Erik J.
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National Instruments
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