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Synchronization of PXIe Analog Input with Digital Output

I am new to this PXIe HSDIO business but I need to clock data out of a prototype image sensor using PXIe hardware.  My controller is a PXIe-8820 and it will be using two PXIe-6548 modules to drive 48 LVTTL digital signals to the sensor while a PXIe-6378 module is used as a digitizer for the four analog signals that are returned. A PXIe-1065 chassis holds it all.


I need to coordinate the generation of clock signals between and by the pair of digital output boards with the periodic digitization by the analog input board of the resulting signals when they are valid.  I've spent all morning looking through NI's HSDIO examples for one that looked similar to this arrangement but have not found it yet. I have found cases where the analog was triggered by the digital using an external interconnect between the modules but since the 6378 module does not have easily accessible digital inputs, I was really hoping to be able to use a trigger over the shared bus between the modules. I have not yet found an example showing that.


Can anyone point me to an example of a digital output module triggering an analog input module over the PXI bus?  This will be done using LabVIEW 15.

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If you are looking to trigger without using an external source for the DAQ module, you can export your digital output from the HSDIO module to a PXI TRIG line and then configure the analog input trigger source to be the designated TRIG line on which your signal was sent. More details on the signal routing for your HSDIO card can be found here, and you can include the niHSDIO Export Signal VI in your digital output task. 


Also, Using PXI Timing and Triggering Functionality is a another resource to refer to for further background on PXI triggering capabilities. 


Hope this helps!

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