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Synchronization of PFI Output with Analog Measurement (NI PXI-6284)




The following is being done on the NI PXI-6284.


I'm generating a 3ms pulse output on one of the PFI(PFI 12) outputs. When I start this pulse (Rising Edge) I have to start measuring one of the analog channel inputs (AI5).


Does anyone have an idea on how I can go about doing this?


I have attached a screen shot of what I've done.




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Hi Riaan1,

Look for the example: "Analog Input\Voltage (with Events) - Continuous".

First try to run this VI without using any trigger options, then...

Under "Trigger Settings" select the "Digital Start" tab and then select your PFI line.


Hope it helps!


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Please take a look at the snippet attached.  


Basically, you are going to send a start trigger from the Digital Output task to start the Analog Input task (following the architecture shown in the attached image).  The analog input task will be the slave task and the digital output will be the master task.  


Also, here is a very useful document outlining synchronization using LabVIEW:


Synchronization Explained



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