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Synchronization data collection

I'm on LV 2016 and haven't been able to look at any of your code.


Before diving in to details, I want to be sure that:

- you've understood the things you've been advised of so far.  It isn't clear.

- I understand *all* the signal relationships.  Which are outputs that you control?  Which are inputs that you acquire?  What are the critical timing relationships?  


I suspect you might be better off managing the analog data in software instead of dealing with the more complex business of sync'ing DIO with a Delta-Sigma analog module.  Read 100 samples at a time.  Extract the 1st 8 you care about and ignore the other 92.  Keep doing the same with the next set of 100.  Etc.   Much simpler than all the timing signal config.



-Kevin P

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