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Synchronisation of ethernet device with DAQ module



I am running an experiment where I need to synchronise a pressure transducer (which connects through an ethernet lead) to an encoder (connected through a DAQ module) in labview. I need to have both devices recording in phase and I'm having trouble finding a way of synchronising the two devices to achieve this. Would anyone know of a method which could make the synchronisation possible? Would an external device be needed or can there be a way in labview itself?



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Probably not.  Not unless there's a way for the transducer conditioner to:

- timestamp its samples

- sync its time to your PC


Even this isn't sure to be *perfect*, though it'd likely be good enough.  This is an inherent problem whenever trying to sync DAQ signals and communication streams.


If you used a pressure transducer with an analog output, now *that* you could sync with your encoder.



-Kevin P

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Details are needed about both devices.  I'm assuming a NI DAQ since you're posting here, but what model?  And what model of pressure transducer?


Also, how much accuracy on timing do you need?  Microseconds, milliseconds, seconds?

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@Kyle97330 wrote:


Also, how much accuracy on timing do you need?  Microseconds, milliseconds, seconds?

As far as those three go you have roughly this:


microseconds - only a direct hardware connection between both parts can provide this accuracy

milliseconds - you can probably do it with a real time system

seconds - even a desktop OS can do it, unless there are lives on the line if the signal is missed even just once. In such situations only really hardware is able to guarantee it, and even that can fail (broken wire, etc.).

Rolf Kalbermatter
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