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Subtract filtered signals

Hi crossrulz, I need help subtracting two filtered signals that are ubicated in different frequencies.

Well I have a stereo signal with 3 signals (L+R,L-R and pilot), I filtered the signals L+R (50-15khz) and L-R (23k-53k) and now i need to move the L-R signal from 23k-53k to 50-15k so then i can subtract them.

I will attacht my program in Labview 8.5

thank you for your help

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You posted into a message thread with a completely unrelated question.  You need to create a new message thread.


I've moved your question into its own thread.

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Multiplying in the time domain will result in an addition and subtraction in the frequency domain.  For example, if you multiply the signals of Frequency F1 and Frequency F2 then the resulting signal will have a signal at F1 + F2 (Hz) and also at F1 - F2 (Hz).  From there it is just filtering to select the addition or subtraction

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