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SubVI with a variable data type terminal

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I want to create a subvi with a terminal that can be used to define a data type. In a similar way, for example, as the Create Network Stream Writer Endpoint has a data type input.


network stream writer endpoint.png







The only thing I found so far that seems related are malleable vi's, is this a use case for that?

Could anybody point me in the right direction on how to implement this?


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Start reading here.

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@sopapo wrote:

The only thing I found so far that seems related are malleable vi's, is this a use case for that?




Altenbach's link is one way to go, but if you prefer a video there's this presentation from NI week that does a pretty good job too.  It's a bit blurry on the screen but all of the code examples used are in the LabVIEW "examples" folder that installs with anything from LabVIEW 2017 and later, so if you just open them and follow along it should be fine.

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Just for completeness, your other option is a polymorphic VI.


Malleable VI:

  • 1 VI to maintain
  • All connections are adapt to type, which can lead to confusion


Polymorphic VI:

  • Need a VI for each data type you want to support
  • Can choose which implementation to call based on what is wired, therefore better defining inputs whose type should not change.

I actually have one setup where I have a Malleable VI that is used as the core for several instances of a Polymorphic VI.  Don't try to think about it too much.

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