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String > Array > Waveform

Hello all,


Anybody ever work with inputting a string to an array, and then having the array into a waveform graph so to display whatever was inputted as a string into the graph.  For instance...I want to be able to convert any text into an array, such as names.  Then have these converted array names into a waveform graph so to display whatever text was inputted into the string.  I am able to get values for the text into arrays, but what comes up on the waveform graphs does not resemble the text I inputted.


Thanks for any help or insight into this.

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I'm not sure I'm correctly understanding what you want to do.

You want to graph strings?


I don't know how you would go about graphing words,
and I dont mean just programatically, that just doesnt make sense 

Cory K
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Yes.  That is what I said.  Please only comment if you have a way of helping.

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I think Cory brought up legitimate points and there was no reason to slam his answer. It is unclear to me also how you want to plot text. How are you assigning values to the text? Is it a sum of the ASCII values or something else? How do you want to do the scaling? In any case, since a graph can only plot numerics, the only option I can think of at the moment is to assign an annotation to each point
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A graph implies you are displaying one thing versus another, an x value that corresponds to a y value.

I just wasnt sure how you would graph a word. What do you want to be your x or y value? 

Cory K
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He didn't make any points?


Figured it out anyway.  Don't see how this is that hard to understand.

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I always appreciate someone giving me an attitude when I am trying to help them out :smileywink:
Cory K
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Kind of makes me miss the days when a one-star rating could be given.
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Help?  Haha.  Right


And I'm not gonna lose sleep over a 1-star rating, so go ahead.  I don't really care.

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Note to self - 

Steve Briggs does not play well with others 

Cory K
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