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String for Reading PV from Eurotherm 2404

Hi Cath,

I realise it a few minuts ago and just finished to install it.

Now everything work...

Thanks for you time.


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Just one detail...

Everything work in your software but i have still the problem about scaling, can not find a solution.



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I have some problems in connecting the Eurotherm 3508 with labview using your vi. Actually, Error 56 appears (MB Ethernet>MB Ethernet Master 2 -> I am sure it is not problem of communcation between the controller and the pc (the IP address is correct, I checked by closing the controller and try to communicate ) but I am not sure about those registers which I do not understand at all.. Could you please give me more infos on how to proceed because I am totally confused





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I 'm currently working on the acquisition / control temperatures of a furnace operating with a Eurotherm 3508 controller with Modbus TCP Ethernet module ( , all under the labview . Connection with Itools is 100% OK. Ping OK.


I installed the latest version of VISA (4.6), the latest version of Max (5.5), installed the latest drivers eurotherm 35XX series and Modbus library as it should be then tested, modified, creating etc ... suitable screws. For cons , I have the same problem or Mitss: error 56 (TCP READ & TCP WRITE) . The labview documentation ( explains the solution : " To correct this error , wire an IP address running and monitors the port you are trying to use. " but I 'm not sure I understand ... I also tested sending a MODBUS TCP query it based on standards (example : 0001 0000 0006 11 03 006B 0003


0001 : Transaction Identifier
0000: Protocol Identifier
0006: Message Length (6 bytes to follow )
11 : The Unit Identifier ( 17 = 11 hex)
03: The Function Code ( read Analog Output Holding Registers)
006B : The Data Address of the first register Requested . ( 40108-40001 = 107 = hex 6B )
0003: The total number of registers Requested . (read 3 registers 40108 to 40110 ))


because no docs Eurotherm found explaining the configuration frames .. but in vain .. .

If someone in the solution to my problem , I sincerely thank !


Best regards .

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I found the most reliable method to communicate with Eurotherm controllers is with the iTools OPC server, via a datasocket connection. [link]

- Cheers, Ed
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Thanks for your answer but I tried... but nothing happens either ... It marks me error 42: Generic Error ..

I just can not explain these errors .. If you have one (or more?) Idea (s) ..


Best regards.

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Error 42 occurs when the datasocket cannot connect. The most probable cause is a badly formed address.


Could you post the full address you are trying to connect to?

- Cheers, Ed
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I am sorry that the link of my first picture is broken. I accidently deleted it. There was not much to see anyway. It only showed where  exactly you can see the Modbus adresses for a register in iTools. Maybe there is a backup of the picture, we are searching for it.

Another thing that can go wrong is the second number in the MBAP-Header in the Modbus write register vi. In my examples this is 255, but for the last Eurotherms we got, the factory setting was 1.


Maybe this helps. Greetings,




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Thx for your answers ! I change values and is OK !

I continuously developing .. we might be led to talk again ..
By cons, if someone Modbus parameters to return depending on the function code, this will me to move faster .. Thanks!


Have you ever worked on stepwise instructions? Temperature during a time .. x ?


For information: my server address eurotherm UCI is: "opc:/Eurotherm.ModbusServer.1/3188_atm_controle_600T.10-57-111-40-502-ID255-3508.Main.PV". (cf attached picture)


Thx again..

Best regards.


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