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String for Reading PV from Eurotherm 2404

Here is the attachment containing the LabView files.
Ipshita C.
National Instruments
Applications Engineer
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Dear Ipshita C.,
I'm not in my office today, I'II see your labview file tomorrow. Thanks a lot for your help.

Have a good day

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Just a remark,
I use Labview 7.1
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*This post is about direct connnection to the Eurotherms over ethernet, it has nothing to do with the OPC Server discussion*

Hello (Bon Jour?) Cath,

to answer your questions:

1.) I use the MB Ethernet Master
2.) The regular iTools. See screenshot.

 You will have to configure the Eurotherms with EndSetup.exe. There you will also need the IP Adress of the Eurotherms. The IP-Address has to be configured directly on your Eurotherm controller.  It is in the IO-Section. Consult your Eurotherm Manual for this.

3.) You will need to supply the IP-Address and close the connection afterwards. The following screenshot shows how this can be done:



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Dear Ipshita,
unfortunatelly, the vi you give me are for serial connection between Eurotherm controller and my PC. I don't know if it is possible to transform the TCP/IP in a serial signal ? I think it is not possible.
Thanks you anyway

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Hello Thorsten or Bonjour,
Thanks a lot for yours answers. I progress but all is not OK.
I use the free iTools (find in the eurotherm site), do you thinks it is the problem. When I run a scrutation, iTools found any device but when I ping my IP adress, the green led run in the ethernet cable, the communication is OK. In Labview, with your Vi, the TCP connection is OK. I'm not still desesperate but....



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great !
The clone of your scheme is OK for me. I can read a register ! Now I must understand how give a command to my 3508.
Thanks you very much et perhaps see you later...
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You can give commands by writing registers:

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Yes, Your scheme is perfect, now I can give a Tset command for the 1st loop of my controller. Perhaps do you know how to give a second Tset for the second loop ? I'II search. Perhaps, I can use the Channel H and The Channel J of the controller. I don't know.

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Sorry, I only have one loop in my controllers. But if you have iTools running you should be able to browse to the parameter and see the address.
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