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String for Reading PV from Eurotherm 2404

iTools is free to download and use here, but some restrictions apply to unregistered installations. Notably, the opc server will stop serving after 30 mins, and you'll have to restart the client, so you'll have to contact Eurotherm about a license. Communicating between iTools and Labview is easily done using datasocket VIs

- Cheers, Ed
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Hi ed,
yes, I found the free download of iTools and I had install. I run the OPC Server and I found my Eurotherm 3508. Now, I will searching the good datasocket VI. Perhaps, you could indicate me which datasocket in the Vi example ? Thanks a lot (I'm not a specialist of communication....sorry...)

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I have taken a guess at the address of the Process variable, as I do not have a Eurotherm 3508.


opc:/Eurotherm.ModbusServer - leave as is
1 - the modbus number is hidden away in a settings page somewhere. I can't for the life of me remember where though
ID001-3508 - This ID number and device name is used extensively around iTools when the device is connected.
The rest of the address is the process variable you are interested in. Just browse through the tree structure to find it.

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- Cheers, Ed
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It is also possible to communicate directly with the Eurotherms over Ethernet. Using the NI Modbus Vis. You can download them here:
You have to open a TCP-connection using port 502 and then use the Modbus VIs to read and write registers. The adress of the register can easily be found in iTools. The values in the registers are usually the real value multiplied by 10 but there seem to be exceptions. MBAP Header is usually 0 255.

Best regards,

Thorsten Rissom
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Hello Thorsten,
Thanks you for your answer. I had download
NI Modbus Vis. But I have some question :
1) You said :
"use the Modbus VIs to read and write registers". Is the "MB Registers" or is an other?
2) You said :
"The adress of the register can be easily found in iTools". I'm sorry, but I have some difficult to find theses adresses ....what part of iTools can I use ? : OPC Scope; iTools OPC Server, iTools ? where is the information ?
3) When I create a
TCP-connection like you mentionned, the error next is mentionned...

So, you see, I have some difficult to understand how I'II communicate with my Eurotherm 3508, If you have time to help me, thanks you very much.


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Hi Ed,
I tried to make like you explain. When I run my vi, the next error is mentionned :
Do you have an idea where is the problem ?

Thanks you very much
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You only need one forward slash after "opc:" Also, you may be better off defining the return datatype in the Read DS VI so it knows what to read back
- Cheers, Ed
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Note that you will need the Open OPC server option for iTools, otherwise
you'll be limited to 30 minutes of operation during any session.

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More information at

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Ok, but do you have an other solution for communicate between Eurotherm 3508 and Labview ?
Thanks for your answer

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Hi Cath,

The set of files that I have included in the attachment are available from Eurotherm's website for download at the following link:

These are basic read, write and synchronization VIs that can be used to communicate with their temperature controllers. As they were written in a much older version of LabView, I have convereted them to an intermediate version andthen saved them in 8.5. I hope this works for you.


Ipshita C.

National Instruments
Applications Engineer
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