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String Entry which has to be limited

The entry should be of the format "A-00-xxx-000" where A is a alphabet,0 is numeric and xxx is fixed cannot ne varied by user and - should remain as -,   and this will be the fixed length... is it possible? If yes , kindly enlighten me!!!

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You don't have any readymade option available in LabVIEW but you can code it at the back. You can add "-", maintain the size and do whatever you want, remember you have to enable the option "Update while typing" in the String properties.


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  1. But how do you make the "-" , stay there permanently???   
  2. And for Updating while Typing should I Use An Event Structure??
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Yes you have to use event structure, so when you enable the "Update while typing" the event will be fired whever you make any change at that instance itself. So based on the length of the string conactenate " - " to it.


The best solution is the one you find it by yourself
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Our use separate controls for the string and numerics.
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I'm kind of thinking the Key Down? event might be better.  That way you can discard the fact the the keyboard was even pressed for an invalid input.

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I was nearly done with that .... the only problem I had the user had to do backspaces and than re-enter the value.... but know i've completely scrapped out that part... thanks all of you guys for your help

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This doesn't handle backspaces, either, but that'd be easy to add.




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