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Streaming sound using TCP

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I am trying to stream audio (analog data from sound card) to a remote PC using TCP protocol but when I trying to run
the program then message "Error 4823 occurred at Sound Input Read (DBL).vi->"

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Accepted by topic author saurabh1989
08-27-2015 04:09 PM



This sound to me like the loop lasts longer than a sampleperiod. Do you also see the error when you are only making a sound acquisition with nothing else? If not, it could be that your TCP communication slow down the whole acquisition and if the loop time is greater than the acquisition time, it could lead to this error. A way to avoid it would be to separate the measurment task and the communication task in two different loop and buffer the measurment in a queue (using a design pattern such as the producer/consumer one should do the trick).


Best regards

Florian Abry
Application Engineer Group Leader, NI Germany
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