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Strange scrollbar behavior

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while programming an application I clicked somewhere on the horizontal scrollbar and then the scrollbar was in the middle of the frontpanel.

I have no idea how this happens

Never seen this before!!?!


Anyone has idea how to change this back to normal?



regards timo

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Never seen before funny :),Good luck
Balaji PK (CLA)
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Accepted by topic author TimoSchott

Hi Timo,


Good afternoon and I hope your well today.


I am a little unsure what your issue is exactly, but maybe the following will help.


There are two methods to creating a Horizontal scrollbar, 

1) Right-click the scrollbar and select Horizontal Scrollbar >> Always On

2) On the front panel go to Modern>>Containers>>Horizontal Splitter Bar.


I imagine you did number 1.


Now to remove it you have to methods,

1) Right-click the right hand scroll bar (as before) and select >>Always Off.

2) Right-click the created horizontal scrollbar and select Remove with adjoining splitters.


If you cant move the scrollbar to where you want, I would make sure the scrollbar isn't locked. You can check this by selecting the scrollbar, right click and  uncheck Locked.


To achieve the results you have, I firstly created a horizontal splitter. The by selecting the  Right hand side scrollbar in the top pane select Horizontal bar >> Always On. 


I hope this helps, 

Kind Regards
James Hillman
Applications Engineer 2008 to 2009 National Instruments UK & Ireland
Loughborough University UK - 2006 to 2011
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