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Strange behavior

The issue is that everything works, but the instrument itself is always a step behind the front panel.  I.e., I flip the Hi Res switch and nothing happens, then I flip another switch, say the damping switch, and then the Hi Res responds.  I then flip another switch, and then the damping resonds.  The switch controls the correct parameter, but it is always behind by one action.

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Hi Jack,


so there is a problem with your VI, but there is no VI with your message...

Which kind of answer do you expect with this little information?


Generic answer: this sounds like a race condition problem...

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My guess is you are missing a termination character or something in your message so the instrument is stuck looking for the end of the message.


What instrument are you using?  Can you share you code?

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The problem is with the wiring in your block diagram.  Fix that and it will be fine.Smiley LOL

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Sounds like you have a bug in your program.


Without seeing your code that's all the help we can give you.

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See here for excellent advice on diagnosing strange behavior


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Yes, we cannot debug sentences to fix your race condition.


Without knowing anything about your code architecture, we are all stabbing in the dark.


One thing that has not been mentioned is a scenario where your control terminals are before (or in parallel) to an event structure that gets triggered by e.g. a value change of same. The terminal gets read at the beginning of the new iteration and way before a value change triggers the event structure. Now the new values is only read from the control at the next iteration.


Please attach a simplified version of you VI and we will be able to help you.

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