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Strange behavior of Multi column List box Background Color based on User logged in

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@MarkTTHSAS wrote:

Some great suggestions here!  I like the possibility that the time is being reported incorrectly based on the user - that had never previously crossed my mind! - but it is the most obvious explanation.  


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I looked at the date formats for the two users and as far as I can see they are identical...  This was in Control panel --> Clock and region --> Change Date time or number formats.  Is there another location which could impact the format?  


I looked at the DSN settings to see if the format reported back from SQL Server could be different, but nothing jumps out.  Is there a setting here which would impact how the date is returned?

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@RavensFan wrote:
You should add some code to debug.  Put a separate indicator in like an array of booleans that show the results of the decision logic as to whether the background should be pink or not.  This will help you to determine if it is a logic error or a graphic error in LabVIEW.

Have you done this? Seems like a solid next step. Maybe also put an indicator for the system time you are comparing all the other times to.

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Finally got to this!


The date format turns out to be the issue.  Even though it was being displayed in my multicolumn listbox in the correct format (YYY-mm-dd) it was coming back from SQL server in the default format of the user (mm/dd/yy) and hence my logic was not working.


Thanks for all the help!   

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