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Strange TCP/IP Modbus received signal

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Hallo everyone:

i am confronting a strange problem about TCP/IP modbus communication, we builded the connection and use NI modbus libary to read analog signals, it works, but the return signals seems strange, for example(40A0 for value:5, 3F80 for value:2 and 4000 for value 1), i went throngh modbus specification documents, but these values do not follow the rules, is there anyone has idea about it?

thanks in advance.

best regards


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With which device do you communicate ? Do you have any documentation about the format it uses to write the values in its memory ?
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Are you expecting floating point values?? Modbus transfers bytes. It is up to the receiving end software to convert the bytes back into floating point or other signed/unsigned integer values, 32 bit integers,......
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