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Strange Code Capture (CCT)

seen in this thread


If you LAVA Lovers want to dig into this it might be interesting to understand the apparent disconnect.  The uploaded Code Capture was not saved in the indicated version.  The CC clearly shows LV 14 (intended version) but internally was clearly LV 16


STEPs to reproduce (And this will probably NEVER happen to you)

  • Create a vi in LV 16
  • Create a snippet from the vi using the LabVIEW edit menu option (Or ctrl+"/" if you have my custom shortcut)
  • upload the snippet as an image to a forum post
  • throw out the original vi
  • After recieving a request to change version -drag and drop the snippet to a new BD
  • Launch LAVA's CCT
  • save a snippet as LV14

Note: at no time did I ever actually Save the vi!  

  • Upload the snippet 
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I haven't tried replicating this, but here's the relevant CCT code:


CCT Capture.PNG



The code in the top case copies and pastes the code to a new VI, then saves it to previous and then that binary data is read from the file and added to the created PNG file as chunks. The MAKE HDR VI in the middle is used to generate the "..tEXtDescriptionLV: 14.0 11/1/2016 11:39:34 AM" chunk talked about in the other thread and it uses the same Version element from the cluster that's used in the top code.


My most likely thought for what's causing this would be either that the save for previous method is actually failing to save for previous in this case or that the App.Version property returns 14.0 for some reason, which seems less likely.


That said, I don't feel like working on this and I don't actually have access to the CCT repository anymore, so there isn't that much I could do anyway without raising Ton and getting that access.

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Thanks for the info!

It most likely is something that will happen about once in 1.21gigahours.  not really worth a lot of time to fix.  However, I did want to loop y'all in with a "Has Happened" example.  It may be worth noting that this was a "First use" of CCT on this machine with LabVIEW 2016 (compile happened when the tool opened) and that I do have the LabVIEW.ini  options for autosave and to seperate source and object. I did not clear the obj cashe.


With as many potential elements (Forums, Drag-n-Drop, browser, cookies, CCT LabVIEW, OS, and others...) as potential contributers, reproduction of the event might seem like a game of "Twister" gone bad.


Still a nice tool!

Scientists STAND on the shoulders of giants! They don't ride "piggyback" to keep their heads down.

"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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